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Hair Transplant Techniques

Chicago Hair Transplant Center is proud to present the latest available technologies in hair transplant. We specialize in minimally invasive hair transplant and restoration procedures. The results are a full head of hair with no scarring. Minimally invasive hair transplant procedures offers many advantages over traditional techniques, they also reduce the cost and downtime and increase the effectiveness of the procedure by giving the patient more natural looking results.



  • Least invasive procedure of its kind
  • No scalpel incision, no sutures, no linear scar
  • Large areas in a single session
  • Fastest recovery time "next day," of any surgical option
  • Reduces the need for additional procedures
  • Reduces overall costs of manual procedures

The revolutionary new technique that is changing hair restoration today!

The hair found at the back of the head has been programmed genetically to not fall out since it is not affected by the DHT hormone. The DHT hormone has been associated with causing hair loss.

Traditional hair restoration surgery involved cutting a graft from this area in the patient's head which left a significant scar. The NeoGraft hair transplant device is designed to help the doctor overcoming the problems associated with manual FUE and those of the traditional "strip" method. Additionally, this is the latest, most advanced technique in hair transplantation available today. The NeoGraft technology does not leave any kind of scar since it uses the automated FUE method (follicular unit extraction).

How NeoGraft Works

Hair transplants performed with NeoGraft are considered very safe, non-invasive and relatively minor procedure.

NeoGraft device uses pneumatic pressure to extract the hair follicles and implant them in the scalp.

The NeoGraft procedure is performed with the need of only local anesthesia and additionally, there is no need for additional sedation. With NeoGraft no big horizontal scars occur as with the "strip" method which can leave visible scarring making it difficult to have short hair. This does not happen with NeoGraft, allowing the hair to be worn short.

The result from the NeoGraft procedure is a new distribution of strong healthy hair over the bald spots that is natural looking since it uses the patient's own hair.

NeoGraft Advantages

NeoGraft presents many advantages over other hair restoration methods. Mayor advantages include no scarring, as well as less bleeding and complications than with the traditional "strip" method.

There are fewer limitations on activities for the first few weeks as with the traditional "strip" hair transplant surgery. The patient will not feel that the scalp is too tight from the suturing and there is less numbness in the area treated.

The NeoGraft hair transplant device is FDA approved and has been developed to assist doctors with the FUE hair restoration procedure in order to make it simpler, faster and more effective.

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