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Hair Transplant Techniques

Chicago Hair Clinic at Lift is proud to offer the latest available technologies in hair transplant. We specialize in minimally invasive hair transplantation and restoration methodologies. The results are a full head of hair, with no scarring. Minimally-invasive hair transplantation procedures are not only more subtle and comfortable for the patient than traditional techniques, but also reduce the risk and downtime of older techniques.


NeoGraft is the least-invasive procedure of its kind in the treatment of hair loss. There are no scalpel incision, no sutures, no linear scars. Large areas of the scalp can be covered in a single session. NeoGraft results in recovery times and hair survival that surpass any other clinical solution to hair loss, with less downtime and risk.

The revolutionary new technique that is changing hair restoration today!

The hair found at the back of the head has been programmed genetically to not fall out since it is not affected by a hormone called DHT. Genetic baldness occurs only in areas that are DHT sensitive. Hair restoration is done by taking hair follicles that are not DHT sensitive and placing them in areas where baldness has occurred. The result of this is that transplanted hair is permanent—it is no longer under the hormone’s influence.

Traditional hair restoration surgery involves cutting a wedge of scalp out from the base area of the patient's head where hair is not hormone sensitive and harvesting hair from it. The scalp is then either sewn or stapled back together which can leave a significant scar. The NeoGraft hair transplantation procedure is designed to eliminate the problems associated with these earlier, traditional methods (i.e. scarring, downtime, discomfort), especially those of the traditional "strip" method. NeoGraft is the latest, most advanced technique in hair transplantation available today. The NeoGraft technology does not leave any kind of visual scar because it uses the automated FUE method (follicular unit extraction).

How NeoGraft Works

Hair transplants performed with NeoGraft are considered extremely safe, and minimally invasive.
The NeoGraft device uses pneumatic pressure to extract the hair follicles and implant them elsewhere in the scalp.

The NeoGraft procedure is performed with only local anesthesia and without the need for additional sedation. With NeoGraft, there is no dramatic horizontal scarring, as occur with the "strip" method (which can make it difficult to wear a short hair style post-procedure.) This does simply does not happen with NeoGraft, as there is no scarring, which allows the hair to be worn short.

The result from the NeoGraft procedure is a new distribution of strong healthy hair over the entirety of the bald spots that is natural-looking because it uses the patient's own hair.

NeoGraft Advantages

NeoGraft offers many advantages over other hair restoration methods. Major advantages include no scarring, less bleeding and fewer complications compared to traditional "strip" hair transplantation methods.  In addition, because the system is automated, there is minimal manipulation damage of the hair follicles as they are transferred. This results in the maximum level of hair survival possible in any hair restoration procedure today.

Additionally, there are fewer limitations on activities for patients of NeoGraft within the first few weeks of treatment in comparison to traditional "strip" hair transplantation patients. The patient will not feel that the scalp is too tight from the suturing, or an overall numbness in the treated area, as some patients have historically complained of in the aftermath of traditional procedures.

The NeoGraft hair transplant device is FDA approved. NeoGraft will soon become the gold standard of hair transplantation amongst doctors because it offers patients a simpler, faster and more effective procedure.

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What is hair transplantation?

The theoretical principle behind hair transplantation is simple and involves transferring hair from the back of the scalp to the front of the scalp. The procedure itself lasts several hours and is performed under local anesthesia with sedation. It is virtually painless, and patients often return to work within a a day or two after the procedure. All these advantages make this a cutting edge minimally invasive procedure preferred both by doctors and patients alike.


Hair Implants Techniques

The technique for implanting follicular units is done the same with all hair restoration procedures. Extraction of hair follicles varies according to the specific procedure chosen by the physician and patient. To date, there are two techniques to extract the follicular units. The techniques used at our center are FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and the other, FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery).

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE hair transplantation is a technique in hair implantation that is considered less invasive than the strip technique. When this technique was invented over twenty years ago it was considered the cutting edge technique in hair transplantation. It involved making multiple punches 3 to 4 mm in diameter in the scalp. The results were often unsightly and the procedure was very long and uncomfortable because extraction of follicular units by hand is extremely intricate and tedious work. Futhermore, the fact that the technician was doing this by hand did not eliminate the manipulation and, therefore, damage to the follicle. Although this was an improvement from the strip method, it was not an attractive option to most patients and the increased time required made it difficult for doctor and patients alike. However, in recent years, a game changing technology has revolutionized hair restoration. This technology is automated FUE, also known as Neograft.

At our center, we specialize in the Neograft procedure. Neograft uses an automated system to harvest hair follicles using pneumatic pressure. Hair follicles are easily removed by the neograft machine with minimal manipulation and discomfort leading to a much more comfortable and efficient procedure. Also, because follicles are harvested with pressure rather than manually, they are in the best shape possible for transplantation and have the best chance for survival. Contact us to learn about this procedure and to schedule a free consultation! 8479959000.

FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery)

FUSS is a technique involving the removal of a strip of hair at the top of the neck, where the hair is taken extracted. The final scar is only 1-2 mm wide, which is not visible if the hair is of adequate length. However, it may be visible if the hair is worn short. Although this is a procedure we offer in our clinic, we strongly advise patients to do the automated technique instead. The strip method is slightly less expensive but a less delicate procedure.